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Individual & Family Financial Management Consulting

With Houghton Financial Partners, our clients receive strategic wealth management consulting for individuals and their families. Our team also works on curating a successful and happy long-term relationship with our clients that is based on trust and communication. At Houghton Financial Partners, we understand that one size does not fit all, our team will collaborate with you to understand your goals and present our best options for future growth.

Individual & Family Wealth Management Services

The Houghton Financial Partners team will work with you by assessing, designing, and implementing personalized wealth management strategies to meet your needs. As your goals evolve so do our strategies, send us a message to learn more about our wealth management consulting for individuals and families.

Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer is the transfer of wealth or assets to beneficiaries upon the death of the owner through financial planning strategies that often include wills, estate planning, life insurance, or trusts in a tax efficient manner.

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Wealth Management

Objective advice from your dedicated portfolio manager with complete independence to invest in your best interests.

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Our firm can find a life insurance policy tailor-made to fit your circumstances in the event of the unexpected so that you can safegaurd your family no matter what.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

One Size Does Not Fit All

Meeting Your Company's Needs

Different companies will benefit from different plan types. We avoid the one-size-fits-all approach and instead focus on designing plans that meet your company’s unique needs.

Benchmarking Services

We are carrier-agnostic, which means we select each plan based on what’s right for the client, not based on a pre-existing relationship with the benefit carrier.

As part of our plan design process, Houghton can provide benchmarking services to allow you to review your existing plan, and compare it to other options in the market.

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