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Executive Benefits

What Houghton Financial Can Offer You

Crafting a well-designed executive benefits package is paramount in attracting top-tier talent. The team at Houghton Financial Partners offers executive benefits consulting for companies specific to their goals and needs of rewarding and retaining their top talent.

Through our executive benefits consulting we help design, implement, and oversee executive benefits plans that enable you to reward both your executives and your business. Our goal at Houghton is to find a plan that helps show executives in your business that you value them, while also keeping the company in mind. We offer cost-effective solutions that can do both.

Using a standard group benefit package may leave your executives missing out on key differentiators. Options such as phantom stock plans, stock appreciation, deferred compensation, performance pay, and supplemental executive retirement plans allow room for your executives to hit their goals while working for you.

Executive Benefits Planning

As an executive benefit plan consultant, we offer plans that can have a significant impact on executive recruitment and performance. Many traditional retirement plans discriminate against top earners with caps on income, benefits, and yield; adding on non-qualified plan options for executives supports these individuals in planning for retirement.

If you are looking to motivate your executive team in an ongoing way, there is significant value in tying that executive’s compensation or bonus directly to the performance of the company. There are steps you can take to invest in the future of your company by retaining and incentivizing your key players.

Executive Benefit Customization

When working with clients, we look at the big picture. That means taking into account the goals of your business – increasing earnings, maximizing sales, cutting costs, improving productivity, meeting deadlines – and the goals of your employees – financial wellbeing, and wealth accumulation. Then we design a plan to align with those objectives.

At Houghton, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so each plan we create is designed with the unique needs of your company and employees in mind. Houghton is independent, so our recommendations are based on the evaluation of client needs, not on a pre-existing relationship with the benefit carrier. As part of our plan design process, Houghton can provide benchmarking services to review any existing executive benefit plans, which can help you compare plans as you consider other options.

We are proud to offer business owners and their corporate executives many services to cater to their goals and needs, including:

  • High-Limit Disability Solutions
  • High-Limit Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Term Insurance
  • Restrictive Executive Bonus Arrangement (REBA)
  • Split-Dollar Life Insurance & Private Premium Financing
  • Phantom Stock Plans
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERP)
  • Incentive Compensation Plans
  • Stock Appreciation Plans
  • ESOP
  • Stock Grant Plans
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Aligning Plans for Growth

If you believe that our services can further your financial goals and help meet your needs, contact us today to set up an appointment so that we can discuss which of our services can best help your financial picture.

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